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Wolf is an amazing MASTER of the art of orchestral composition.  I’ve worked with other composers before but none have risen to the caliber that Wolf wields.  He holds a gift only given to the Masters of the past, yet he is our gift of this life time.  It has been an honor to perform my music along with his magnificent compositions.  His additional scores have raised my music to new “HEAVENLY” heights.
Don Felder (Eagles)

Wolf is in my opinion a genius. Everything he writes inspires me. His motives, his harmonic impressions and expressions are all exactly in a way that a pianist just have to love them. He is perhaps the only one I know who can really write for the piano. His music is a clear and understandable language, influenced by film music. It contains many important new elements but also a lot of familiar elements. This music is for me in the spirit of it’s time.
Vladyslav Sendecki
Maestro Wolf Kerschek is brilliant. An amazing writer and arranger, he is incredibly gifted at working with a variety of players, orchestral musicians and rock musicians alike. He has a modern approach and understanding as well as being rooted in the classical works. Such a pleasure to work with him on several projects and I was amazed at how calm he always remained even under pressure. A skilled arranger, an extraordinarily creative writer and an accomplished conductor as well as being a superb human being.
Rick Springfield
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